the Cloud

Manifesting with the NEW WORLD energy

The world has transitioned to a new energy system and so how we manifest has changed as well. We now create in the 5th dimension, using energy to create matter.

‘Creating the Cloud’ is a meditation practice for calling into your life that which you are wishing to manifest using the NEW WORLD energy.

It’s FREE and it’s my gift to you xx

How it works

We connect our energy to the Universal Field using light and vibration. When our ‘cloud’ or light field merges with the Universe we enter into a new dimension where linear time and Newtonian Physics no longer apply.

What we are actually doing is magnetising that which is already present in space. We are amplifying an intense action of the light from within its own force field. We thereby draw upon the power of the universe to create a spiritual altar upon which we may project the pictures of reality that we desire to create.

You place upon an altar anything you want to be altered so in essence what we do with the cloud is become a magnet to fast track our creations.

As you gain spiritual power through these periods of meditation upon the cloud, once it’s dispersed your cloud will continue to expand and expand throughout the universe as it comes in contact with all that is yours.

You can also use the cloud for helping others and our planet as well.

When you turn your life over to the highest creator then you are opening yourself up to
treasures that you probably would never have dreamed of.

The universe has plans for your life. You are an instrument for love and your life will be transformed from the inside out.

So…are you ready to call it into action my friends and consciously co-create with the universe?