Analyse your energetic signature masterclass

Are you ready to learn what your,
unique energetic signature is?

When you learn how to shift your vibration and frequency you unlock the powers of the Universe. Thanks for joining me, I’m Karina Stephens and this is my Masterclass.

Before you Begin


Make sure that you download the MASTERCLASS EBOOK and the GUIDEBOOK BEFORE you start.

You will need these to follow along with the audio,

Grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take notes.

Light a candle, grab your favourite essential oil, burn some sage, lock the door. This is your time to go deep.

You can download the audio or stream it from this page.

Once you have finished the Masterclass come back to this page and click the button that says “LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ENERGY SIGNATURE SESSIONS” because that is going to give you all the info you need for implementing all the tools and guiding principles you will be learning today.

Thank you for joining me and please enjoy the Masterclass

Karina Stephens

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It’s a current, up to date energy guide for what’s happening energetically and how you can tune your unique signature so that you can navigate these times and stay in your power