Are you a Modern Day Alchemist?

It was the Ancient Alchemist and all-round hottie nerd (think Elon Musk), St Germain who said that “You are not powerless, you do not have to be a victim of circumstances. You can alter your destiny, you can change your life, your nation and your planet”.

The Count St Germain turned base metals into gold, removed flaws from diamonds and discovered the elixir of youth. This total badass, eighteenth century master saint left us with the secrets of spiritual alchemy and now we get to uncover them for ourselves.

Just as precious metals were the currency of alchemy and transforming lead into gold the alchemist dream all those years ago, today our currency is energy. The modern day alchemists of the 21st century have the power to transmute energy thus altering ones reality.

It’s all about energy, vibration and frequency. Whatever is going on within you energetically is creating your Universe. Your energy field is primary, your life situation secondary. This means – the state of your energy field determines the state of your life

Alchemy is not about greed or self-service. The true alchemists desire is to be the highest manifestation of their divine potential so that they can serve others.

With Alchemy there is no need to manifest anything outside of yourself, alchemists simply transform their own energy and the energy around them, believing that everything they desire to live their highest potential is already available. They just have to change their vibration in order to actualise it.

In other words, Alchemy is everything!

SHE- A Modern Day Alchemist!

We are all alchemists! We all have the power to rise above circumstances and create the life of our dreams. It’s up to you if you want to awaken her and shake her from her sleep

If you do, then there is no going back. She is big, she is beautiful, and she is unbelievably powerful, and she has come for such a time as this

The ancient alchemists have left us all of their secrets and all that is left is to learn how to tap into that wisdom.

We do this by removing our dross or lead as I call it. Think years of baggage as the lead and those little AA’s (Ancient Alchemists) are heating you up so that all of that worthless, self-sabotaging, soul destroying stuck energy is being transmuted into pure gold.

As years of dross slips away, your energy vibrates higher. You are stepping up into your ALLness and co-creating with THE ALL. The source of all things.

There is a remembering of ancient laws and many holy f#@k moments which lift us out of our humanness and into our divineness

She is dark, and light combined, think priestess, witch, earth mother, medicine woman, and Khaleesi, mother of dragons, the alchemist possesses the skills for healing and transformation.

When awake she is unstoppable, unpredictable and unapologetic so make sure you have your big girl panties on when you wake her up. 

Ready to awaken your inner alchemist?

If the answer to that question was a ‘Hell Yeah’, then read on baby. It’s time to change your energy and one way to do that is by learning how to tweak your own energetic signature.

Just as in a physical signature we have an energetic signature as well. It’s the invisible signature that determines how we show up in the world. It includes our personality and ego, our Qi or life force, our personal vibration and our soul expression.

As we awaken and evolve and grow as conscious human beings our signature changes. It adapts to match our energy, either positive or negative. When we work on our issues, when we uncover our shadow, when we investigate our beliefs and thoughts and remove what I call Lead or blockages from our energetic fields our signature becomes lighter. It vibrates at a faster frequency.

All energy has a certain frequency and vibration, including food and emotions. The cleaner and healthier your food, the higher vibration it carries. The more positive your emotions, the higher they vibrate. This has all been scientifically proven with numerous studies conducted.

Our businesses also have a unique energetic signature. It includes the brand or personality, the Qi or overall life force of your business. As well as its purpose for existence and reason for existing. All these combined make up the overall frequency of your little mini empire

If you are struggling in any area of business, then this is considered a lower vibration as whenever there is struggle there is resistance. The way most business owners look at fixing that particular problem is by looking outward.

They think that if I don’t have enough clients I need to network more or learn how to market better. It’s always about doing more. More facebook lives, more tweats, more insta posts, more followers, more likes, more, more more….

Whilst it is true that we need to work on our business, no amount of tweats is going to get you more clients if your personal signature contains the energy of fear which is dictating your actions.

If you have a deep-seated belief that “I am not good enough to attract a lot of people to my business” then the vibration of this belief will make up part of your business signature. This is because your business is part of you.

If you are an entrepreneur who started your business so that you could do what you loved and make a difference in the world and get paid, then the energetic signature of your business has to be made up of your own personal signature.

If you could wave a magic wand and create a mini empire that provides you financial freedom, a lifestyle you could only dream of, more impact and influence on others than you could ever imagine, wouldn’t you wave that magic wand like some crazy insane lunatic?

Well guess what, you have that magic wand right inside you. As an entrepreneur you have the greatest access to make a change in this world. You can scale up and go as big and bold as you want, or you can be a lifestyle entrepreneur and make enough income so that you can stay at home and be with your kids.

So, change your energetic signature, transform your business.

I have created a tool to help you analyse the energetic signature of your mini empire. This then gives you the power to transmute the energy blocks in your business, freeing up the way to create massive affluence, influence and impact.

Click here to find out more!

Until then, lets awaken our inner alchemists and be unstoppable, unpredictable and unapologetic together xx

Many Blessings,