First time I heard those words it was a definite ‘Oh Shit’ moment. My actions were definitely causing an effect but not the effect I wanted. I was even being affected by other people’s actions.

Admittedly, sometimes I consciously manifested outcomes where my energy effected the outcome in a really cool way. But most of the time I was living by cause and effect, not causing an effect.

The more I studied Alchemy and Metaphysics, the more I came to understand that we have the power not be influenced by other people’s actions or energy. We do not have to be victims of circumstance, powerless to change a situation.

When we practice self-actualisation, we change our energy. When we change our energy, we transcend matter. When we transcend matter, we live in the realm of unknown possibility.

If you are someone who reads my blog, then you are a person who wants to make a difference in this world. You are an entrepreneur, a revolutionary, a visionary and a creative.

You are about causing an effect. In a big fat positive way!

The thing is a lot of the time we are at the effect of circumstances. We do what we love but we need more money in order to have the lifestyle we want. We have to work crazy hours in order to serve more people. We put our work out into the world and get no response in return. We make a difference in some people’s lives, but we know deep down we are called to serve in a bigger way.

Whatever it is for you, there is some aspect of your life that is at the effect of someone or something else and it is limiting you to be able to play full out and to live at the edge of your potential.

As we work at raising our energy, we begin to transcend, transform and transmute that which no longer serves us. We no longer attract negative people and situations in our life.

We become a vibrational match for the perfect clients. We find that the more we do energetically the less we have to do physically so we don’t have to work as hard. Opportunities come into our lives that work in our favour.

The quickest way to begin to change your energy vibration is to work on changing your energetic signature in 3 key areas.

  1. Electro-magnetic Signature
  2. Biological Signature
  3. Soul Signature

When you begin to transform these 3 areas of your life, external issues have less of an effect on you and then you begin to cause an effect in your world.

In my eBook, Energy Signatures, I explain in depth the 3 key areas where I changed my energetic signature and manifested an international award-winning business in only 8 months

You can download the book and the audio transcript for free by clicking the link below.

Karina Stephens - Change the Energy Signature of your Business Freebie - eBook and Audio

It’s time that we REALLY step into our fullness and stop being at the mercy of others’ actions or non-actions. We need the new generation of entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, teachers and creatives to take their place as leaders and influencers and begin to have a massive positive impact on our planet.

Many Blessings,