Karina Stephens | Free Online Virtual Retreat - A Journey into Meditation
Congratulations, you are now beginning the “A Journey into Meditation” course.

This is a three-part program, so you don’t get overwhelmed, I have broken it into a three-day mini retreat.

This way you get to take the time to practice the techniques that you were taught in the previous session. Of course if you’re like me you can binge on all of the meditations on one day, what’s the worst that can happen, you get so chilled out you forget to feed the kids?

The sessions will be delivered via audio as an MP3 and are about 13 – 15mb so you may need to be a little patient for them to download. Once downloaded they are yours to keep and you can use them over and over.

You will also receive separate files for each meditation so that you can practice the meditations whenever you want and not have to listen to the whole program again.

If at any stage you have trouble downloading the content, then please feel free to email us at

I wish to acknowledge Dr Patricia Crane at Heart Inspired Presentations for creating the workshop.

I want to thank Bob Wheatley at Stolen Planet for creating the music. Each piece is so beautiful and I know that you will love it.

Once again, I am honoured that you took the time to sign up to Journey into Meditation Program and I know that you will get so much out of this program.

If you have any questions or comments please email me. I love feedback and I would love to know how the program is working for you.

Live enRICHed,
Karina Stephens.