Over the next few posts I am going to teach you about  #superfoods!

What has happened is that our bodies have been so compromised with synthetic foods, chemicals, toxins, preservatives, additives, and a host of other unnatural substances that we have created a thick fog of forgetfulness, blanketing our cells. In order for us to remember how to eat for longevity, we need to remove the fog. We want to choose the foods which have come from the earth and have had the least amount of altering. It is when we alter them so far from their natural state that they begin to cause the biggest amount of stress on our bodies. This is why we are getting the allergies, the ailments and the diseases—not from the food source but from the altering. So that is all I am asking you to change: choose a food which is closest to its natural state, not a toxic mimic, and then add superfoods and superior herbs to your diet. Easy, hey? So keep an eye out as we go through each of the superfoods and how to add them to your diet.

Even if all you change is this then you are going to be miles ahead in becoming a healthier, StressLess version of yourself.

See all of our foods featured in superfood week, cacaogoji berriesmacabee productsspirulina, aloe verahempseed and coconuts.

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