This past week I re-read Caroline Myss’s Book, Anatomy of the Spirit. I can’t remember when I first read it but if I was to hazard a guess it would be 15 years ago. I had used a pencil to underline the passages I thought were significant at the time.

I had pretty much forgotten the message of this book when I picked it up again but what was amazing was that I found myself highlighting the exact same passages again. Only this time they were penetrating my psyche on a much deeper level.

I believe that is the sign of a transformational book. The fact that it can resonate with you at the level you are vibrating at in that moment and years later, affect a higher frequency in a different way.

Among the many things that stood out was a practice she calls Symbolic Sight.


Symbolic Sight

Symbolic Sight is the ability to use your intuition to interpret the power symbols in your life. This is a form of interpreting life’s challenges symbolically in order to find meaning in them. 

It is a beautiful way of looking at what causes you to lose power or energy and how to place meaning and insight instead of hurt and pain. 

Symbolic sight enables you to look ‘behind your eyes’, meaning that you step out of your 3D physical reality and into a spiritual 5D perspective. We begin to see why we go through trials and tribulations from the point of view of the soul. 

It’s about the lessons that we are learning along the way. How we are growing up, waking up and evolving. Symbolic sight allows us to step out of the story, emotionally detach and gain profound wisdom and insight. 

Let me give you an example. There have been periods in my life where I had certain people who, let’s just say, were not my greatest fans. I certainly live a life that is SO NOT mainstream and this is uncomfortable or confronting for a lot of people. 

I went through a lot of hurt and betrayal and I felt like a victim of their actions. It sucked for a really long time. Even when these people were no longer in my life their energy remained with me because I kept reliving the abuse in my thoughts. This is what you call living in the past. They still had power over me every day. 

I tried forgiving them, I knew mentally that this was what I needed to do but years later I was still feeling hurt no matter how many times I said the words ‘I forgive you’. 

I tried clearing my chakras, tapping, sage, crystals, energy healing… You name it, I did it. 


Get to the Soul Level

What I now realise is I was coming purely from a physical 3D intention of healing. I wasn’t focusing on the soul level component as well. 

From a soul level, there is no betrayal. There is no abuse. Every person is in our life for a reason. We made a contract with their souls to help us learn specific lessons in this lifetime. 

I said to their soul, “Hey, you wanna treat me like shit and make me feel like I don’t belong so that I can learn how to stand up for myself and have a voice for what I believe in?” And they said, “Sure, I’ll help you out, honey”. Or something like that. 

When I added Symbolic Sight as part of my healing prescription, instantly I realised that no one has ever been out to hurt me spiritually. I was never a victim. On a soul level, it’s never personal. 



Now, don’t get me wrong, if someone is abusing you or hurting you then that’s not cool and you should never stay in a relationship like this. So, if the answer is that you close the door and walk away then absolutely do that. 

But if they are still able to have a negative impact on your life years later because you keep thinking about what they did to you which is producing negative emotions in your body, then that’s not on. It’s time to cut them loose.

As long as you do the inner work of self-actualisation and self-regulation, you will always transform your wounds into your gifts. 

As long as you commit to becoming the best version of yourself and keep learning, then you will continue to raise your frequency and attract love, kindness and grace. 

Hard times are there to show us how powerful we can be. People are in our lives so that we can experience life in all it’s dimensions. 

  • Where are you losing power in your body?
  • Where do you leak energy?
  • Where is the past invading your present?
  • Where are you struggling to find peace?

Why not add the practice of Symbolic Sight and take a soul level perspective?

What lessons does your soul want to learn in this lifetime and how can this person or event help you to learn this lesson?

Many Blessings,