I am sure you have heard people say, “Create an intention without attachment”. Sounds really cool and spiritual doesn’t it? But WHAT does it REALLY mean? How do we manifest something and WANT IT REALLY REALLY BADLY and NOT be attached to the outcome?

It kind of sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it, because I’ve been there, wanting with all my heart, doing the doing and being the being.

I’ve meditated naked under full moons to bring in more clients. I’ve used crystals and sage to help heal my adrenal fatigue. I’ve created mind movies, vision boards and affirmation cards to bring in my perfect partner.

I’ve done it all because I REALLY REALLY wanted more money and greater health and the love of my life. That there’s some pretty important shiz and don’t they say that if we want to attract something into our life, we have to FEEL the emotion as well?

So, if I am feeling the emotion then it’s fair to say that I am going to be fairly connected to my desires. I am playing full out here, like I’m going all the way, I am all in, knock it out of the ballpark kind of manifesting.

Now, they tell me to do all that but then, let go of the attachment, surrender your desires and leave it up to the Universe. WTF!!!!

No wonder we get so confused. Well my dear friend, hopefully this little analogy will clear shed some light on the ‘No Attachment’ law.

The Monkey and the Banana

I heard a story about how people catch monkey’s in the jungle. Now why they would want to catch them is beyond me but that’s not the point. They make a cage with bars just wide enough for the monkey’s hand to fit in. Then they put a banana in the cage and leave it in the jungle.

The cute little monkey see’s the big yellow banana and reached through the cage with her cute little hand and grabs it. She never goes in the cage though; she is just trying to get the banana out through the bars but it’s too big.

Her capturer then comes up to her and instead of scurrying away, the little monkey stay’s there, holding on to her banana for dear life. She is then caught, bundled up and taken away.

You see, our little monkey wouldn’t let go of her desire and it got her in trouble. Now it begs the question, what are the bananas on your back that you are holding onto so tightly because you are so attached to the outcome?

Maybe if you let go of that banana and instead looked for a different one, your eyes would be able to see the big tree behind you full of bananas.

It comes down to faith. Trusting that what you are desiring will happen at the perfect time, in the perfect way. Not necessarily the way you think it should happen and it won’t necessarily look the way you think it should.

The world is full of possibilities if we believe that it is. When we play in the space of infinite potential, we are not limited to one little banana in a cage. We open up to the vastness of abundance.

Life has big plans for you. The universe only want’s the best for you. If you are struggling to call something into your life, then let go of that banana and maybe then you will see that you are surrounded by big beautiful tree’s full of them.

Many Blessings,