Well Hello there,

I’ve Been expecting you!

Just as the currency for the ancient alchemist was precious metal, I believe the currency for the modern day alchemist is energy.

Everything is energy and the true super hero power is to be able to transmute energy into matter so that you can live the life of your dreams.

If that interests you my friend, stick around, things are only getting started!!!

A new energy for earth

In December 2012 my life completely changed. I suffered major health issues and went through a financial crisis. As a result, I became an obsessive student of Energy.

As we settle into a new age astrologically, we also awaken to a new energy system.

This is called 5D. This higher frequency energy is calling us to wake up and shift to a higher frequency world.

My mission is to help you get ready for this shift. To prepare you to move into this higher energy vibration with ease and grace. We are the ones who have the potential to create massive changes in the world and the ONLY limitations we have is ourselves.

My Story

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, having taken a luxury wellness day spa from start up to winning the award for Best Day Spa in Australasia in only 8 months.

I have spent 30 years in the Health and Wellness Industry. Having trained as a nurse, I then decided I wanted to try and keep people healthy, so I became a personal trainer and holistic therapist.

I am co-partner of Enrich Training & Development; an international sales, leadership and culture change company I run with my husband, Ian Stephens.

I am a qualified Wellness Coach, Louise Hay Heal your Life Facilitator, The Art of Feminine Presence Facilitator, and have completed the Raw Food Nutrition course with David Wolfe and the Body Mind Institute.

I wrote my book, “The Pace of Grace” because of all of the feedback from our guests at the spa and my own personal wellness journey.

I was seeing way too many people stressed out, maxed out and burnt out, including myself and I figured we needed to say enough’s enough. Life wasn’t meant to be lived like this, why are we walking around stressed out, tired and wound up when we could be enjoying an amazing life which is full but also balanced with the right amount of work, rest and play.

12 Years ago, my health was suffering to the point that I was experiencing major PMT, weight gain, mood swings, bloating, major allergies, hormone imbalances and was eventually diagnosed with stage two adrenal fatigue.

Yet, on I soldiered working in my mini empire, thinking I was a real wuss bag when I needed to sleep in the afternoon. I cussed myself when I would sit down at my desk and the only thing to happen was severe overwhelm.

I knew something wasn’t right and I couldn’t go on like this any longer. I became a seeker of all things good, I leaned into some lifestyle changes which became must do rituals because they made such a huge difference in my life.

I had to re-adjust my beliefs and values and learn to listen to the inner wisdom and my body. My nutrition, whilst good before became life enhancing. I changed my exercise to activities which nourished rather than depleted.

I learnt to slow down and go deeper and what I got in return was more life, more love and more laughter.

As I worked on my energy and mindset my business changed as well. I noticed a synergy and serendipity that wasn’t there before. What used to be a struggle and major stress started to morph into this effortlessness. I was actually working less on my business, yet it became more successful. Now I get to work from anywhere in the world and connect with amazing awesome people who are awakening to the fact that there is another way to do life and business.

Let’s Get Personal

I was born in a town called Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. I spent my childhood living in my imagination. Living there was like being the star in a movie; I could be anyone, anywhere at any time.

Now that I am older and know about the law of attraction I can see that I was definitely a student of this law my whole life. I just didn’t know that riding a broom stick around the backyard thinking that I was Calamity Jane and reading every horse book written was how you manifested your dreams.

I bet you never knew that both Flicka and Black Beauty lived in my back yard.

I was a tenacious little thing and determined is a polite way of saying annoying. If I wanted something nothing would stop me. This included boys, jobs, and bubblegum jeans.

What happened though is I pretty much got a lot of what I wanted, eventually and without anyone’s help. I was of the opinion that if it was to be it is up to me. In time, life taught me that it can be a good thing to ask for help and most of the time people will help when they can.

I started work at 12 years old in my uncle’s fruit and vegetable shop and I ate most of the profits. I am so glad that it wasn’t a candy shop or I’d have amalgam fillings on top of my amalgam fillings.

I grew up with not a lot of money, so I learnt early on that I had to work hard to get anything. This meant that I developed a great work ethic but also adopted a belief that life was a struggle. When you have this belief, guess what? Life will always be a struggle! Funny that.

I didn’t grow up religious but my Nana was a catholic and I truly believe that her prayers were responsible for the angel on my shoulder. That little angel kept whispering in my ear, “there’s more to life than this’, and she kept me going when nothing else could.

When I was 28 I went in search of me. See, I thought I lost me and had to go find her again. Sort of like looking for survivors in the rubble of an earthquake.

This journey has been the most remarkable, excruciating and beautiful trip of my life. Oh the places I have been to find ’me’ again. The thing is, I found out that you can never lose yourself, she’s always there, sometimes she just gets misplaced.

I got married later than most; I waited all those years to find my man. In my search for this perfect soul mate, I wrote a love list of all the qualities I wanted him to possess. Then in a moment of profound wisdom I said to myself, “I will not commit to anyone until I have all those qualities myself”. I forgot that I was a slow learner and so for 10 long years that love list was about me.

Be Warned moments of enlightening can result in major, major life lessons.

Once married, I figured that I was pretty much done with the life lesson crap and there could not possibly be anything else that I needed to resolve, Ha! God decided in all her infinite wisdom to give me a man with kids and an Ex.

The moral of this story is, ‘Do not for one second ever think you’re enlightened or you will be humbled beyond words’.

So now my husband and I run enRich and we get to work together and travel together and play together.

I absolutely love what I do, and the challenges life brings. It’s funny though, the more settled I get in my little comfort zone having come so far and achieved so much, the more I have to call on that little tenacious nine-year-old to come out and have a tea party with me and share with me what’s in her imagination. Remind me what it is like to keep dreaming, dream big and live for your dreams.

One can never become complacent and static because then one becomes like a smelly pond with pawn scum. Life is spirit and spirit is energy. I love the saying, “Spirit without matter is motionless and matter without spirit is expressionless.”

So that’s just a little about me. If I had to fill in a questionnaire it would probably look like this:

I love writing, photography, walks with my dogs, learning new things, seeing new places, lazy weekends, spa day’s with my husband who also happens to be my best friend, movies, travelling business class, my home, a great book, going to movies, and having my own mini empire.


At least someone is making use of the sun lounge today
Bathroom Renovation complete, very happy with my new favorite place. 
Bathroom Reno completed, very happy with my new space. I have to stop myself having multiple baths every day
So honoured to be asked to be an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine. So many amazing people including influential leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs. Its definitely worth having a read and subscribing to. My first article "Are you suffering with BOSOMOCO?" is live, check out the link in my Bio. 
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Who would you have to become in order to be the person you want to be?⁠
Transforming into your highest self means melting down the dross or lead of your life and turning it into gold. This is Spiritual Alchemy. ⁠
It takes getting messy, uncomfortable and going through the fire in order to burn off old stories, patterns and trauma. ⁠
But once you're through to the other side, Ohhh the exhilaration and bliss. This is called the Awakening. And once you've been there you have no choice but to keep going. It's like a giant magnet pulling you through to the other side and you have no choice to keep walking through the fire.⁠
So become that warrior, become the fighter, become the kick-ass human that you know you are in order to be the most epic, divine, liberated, AMAZING version of yourself possible. ⁠
You're worth it!!!!
Symbolic Sight is the ability to use your intuition to interpret the power symbols in your life. This is a form of interpreting life’s challenges symbolically in order to find meaning in them. 
It is a beautiful way of looking at what causes you to lose power or energy and how to place meaning and insight instead of hurt and pain. 
Symbolic sight enables you to look ‘behind your eyes’, meaning that you step out of your 3D physical reality and into a spiritual 5D perspective. We begin to see why we go through trials and tribulations from the point of view of the soul. 
To read more on Symbolic Sight check out this link in my bio.
It's awareness, it's having awareness of where the tightness is in our body where were holding that energy, where were breathing, where there’s a tingling or muscle pain – we can breathe in to that and when we just soften and go within, we get this wisdom that we can't get when we’re so over stimulated.
Wisdom comes through and it gives us the exact answer that we need to the question that we’re looking for.
How to change the energetic signature of stress, burnout, fatigue and exhaustion!⁠
In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage two Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout. If you know my story, I say that I had contracted BOSOMOCO. I was literally burnt out, stressed out, maxed out and checked out. ⁠
It has been a long journey back into healing and wholeness and each day brings me deeper into myself as I connect to my own unique energetic signature and how it is showing up for me every day. ⁠
Our energetic signature includes our vibration and frequency and our Qi or life force. It is determined by many factors including our mindset, what we eat, how we move our bodies and also how we deal with change. ⁠
My energy back in 2012 was vibrating with the frequency of, “I’m over this shit and I just want to go back to bed and shut out the world”. And that is what I did, for 6 months.⁠
A combination of childhood survival patterning, emotion numbing habits and unconscious actions all came together to form the signature of major blocks in my life force and compromised bodily organs and systems. ⁠
If you know that somewhere in your energetic signature you have the patterning of certain habits that no longer serve you or if your life force is compromised and you know deep inside that your soul is calling you to make some changes then I want to encourage you dear heart that it is possible to completely shift your vibration with a few simple changes to your diet or even a couple of deep inquiry sessions with your inner child. ⁠
Yep, I wrote a whole book on how to slow down physically and ramp up energetically back in 2014 and I have just revamped and updated it, changing the name to the Pace of Grace. ⁠
Grace also has a vibration and frequency and when you learn to hear the harmonics of grace, you feel the heartbeat of God. It’s slower than you think. ⁠
Check out the link in my bio for a link to my book.⁠
If you have any questions or stories of burnout or slowing down, DM me and let me know and let's start a conversation of healing and wholeness. ⁠
The healing power is in the pause. It’s not that you pause all the time; it’s just a comma. 
It is what happens in the pause of our lives that determines our greatness, because that is when we come back in to that alignment, in to that synchronicity with life and we can create from that space instead of doing it all on our own.
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As this year draws to an end, do you sit and reflect on the year that was OR do you look forward to the next chapter? The new energies that the new year brings?
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S... To all of my beautiful community. I hope you all enjoy some time with your loved ones and you remember to take care of yourself....
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Your mind is either the problem or the solution⁠.
Change your mindset, change your life!!!⁠
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Remember, even when your life throws you curve balls, it is important to look after your body. Nourish yourself with good food and healthy balance. 
I have recipes and tips over at
We've kind of got it all screwed up. In order to achieve more we think we have to do more physically. More hustle, more drive, more grit, more getting shit done.⁠
We have forgotten about the 'being'. Being still in our bodies. Being in the NOW moment. Being surrendered in gratitude. ⁠
As you go about your busy day today, take a moment to pause and JUST BE. Even in the midst of uncomfortableness, JUST BE. If it's painful JUST BE. The discomfort makes way for the ease in the flow of the breath. Each breath softens the resistance and makes space for joy and happiness. That's true alchemy!⁠
I remind you this Monday, as we head into a new week to take time to inhale & exhale...
Slowing down and doing more energetically actually creates time. It magnetises abundance and brings you into alignment with your highest potential. So then when you do the action, you do so from a place of ease. The stress is gone, the overwhelm has dissipated.
Are you living by cause and effect or are you causing an affect?⁠⠀
The more I studied Alchemy and Metaphysics, the more I came to understand that we have the power not be influenced by other people’s actions or energy. We do not have to be victims of circumstance, powerless to change a situation. ⁠⠀
When we practice self-actualisation, we change our energy. When we change our energy, we transcend matter. When we transcend matter, we live in the realm of unknown possibility.⁠⠀
If you are someone who reads my blog, then you are a person who wants to make a difference in this world. You are an entrepreneur, a revolutionary, a visionary and a creative. ⁠⠀
You are about causing an effect. In a big fat positive way!
Invest in: ⁠
- yourself ⁠
- your life work ⁠
- your purpose ⁠
- your relationships ⁠
- healing ⁠
- taking care of your body ⁠
- and whatever else makes you feel joyful.⁠