Here’s a little Vignette featuring my home in the Rainforest and how I live my life based on Frequency and Vibration.

Everything I do from what I eat to how I decorate my home is based on Frequency and I use my energy tools to assist me with this.

I believe this house chose me, it was an absolute miracle that we were able to purchase it because we had been bankrupt a year before.

What we worked on was changing our vibration, one that became coherent with our desires. The more we did energetically, the less we had to do physically. It’s funny how that works. I never got it until I was recovering from Adrenal Fatigue and I learnt that there was a different way to do life. One that was less push and struggle and more effortless ease.

I wrote about it in my book, “The Pace of Grace” and applied the techniques I learnt to purchase this home and they worked.

My home is my Sanctuary, it’s where my soul comes to rest. It always has been. Even when I was living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, I always worked on the energy so that it became a place with a very high vibration. It didn’t matter that I had a bean bag for a couch and my food cupboards were bare.

You can take any home and turn it into your own Sanctuary by changing the Vibration. It’s not about stuff or money or size. It’s about how you feel when you walk into the front door. It’s about the pride you take when you clean. It’s who you share it with and what you do in it that matters.

It’s about being in your heart space and being grateful for a roof over your head and a pillow to rest it on.

Our home is a reflection of ourselves. It’s a mirror to what we value and how we value ourselves. It’s supposed to be a safe haven and a soft place to fall when we need it.

HOME is different for everyone but I pray that wherever you call HOME, it is full of love and Joy xo