After relocating home and office and closing down one company I found my self stressing out about having to write or record my blogs each week so I said to myself, Karina, just have some time off from the website and don’t stress.

Sometimes I give myself pretty good advice. Anyway’s once we got all settled in, I felt really unconnected to Source and I knew that my energy was out of wack so I decided to take a week off and go on a soulcation and I have to say, I thoroughly recommend it.

So, if you haven’t heard of a Soulcation which is a word I made up although It is probably out there already because every time I think I made something up and I Google it, there are hundreds of references to it. But I didn’t find it on the Internet; my soul told me it needed a break. So a soulcation is a vacation for the Soul, clever ha.

So, we sat down together and I asked her what she wanted to do and she proceeded to give me her rules.

  1.  Any activity we do has to be soul enriching
  2. No gossip mags, TV or mind numbing movies
  3. Food has to be clean, green and conscious but raw chocolate was very much allowed
  4. Rest when needed, loads of sleep is a priority
  5. Alchemy baths are a necessity
  6. Loads of personal space and alone time is a non-negotiable
  7. We must connect with nature everyday
  8. This time is all about unapologetic self love

OK, awesome, this sounds like fun I told her.

Well anyway, here is a brief rundown on how my week panned out.


Slept in, yummy. Meditated, prayed, soaked in the tub with my Doterra oils. Walked the dogs. Made my green smoothies, loads of yummy salads and raw chocolate treats. Watched a course on Opening up the higher Chakra’s with Carol Tuttle, totally loved this content. Listened to some recordings from the Food Revolution Summit with John and Ocean Robbins.


Woke up early and watched the sun come up over the valley. Meditated, prayed, did some yoga on Gaiam TV, Ate yummy green food. Burnt lots of incense. Did an hour of Feldenkris, stretching, my back loved it. Watched some videos from the Hay House World Summit. Did some more on my Higher Chakra Course. Took a nap after lunch. Lit the fire at night and sat with my dogs cuddled up, feeling the love.


More of the same except this time I did my Soulprint healing work which is an online course through Mindvalley with Carol Tuttle. It is all about healing your Soul through energy work. I highly recommend it if you are in to that thing or at lease be open minded, I am experiencing huge breakthroughs.


Went and bought an energy medicine kit by Donna Eden. If you haven’t heard of Donna she is an awesome energy healer and has a lot of really practical energy techniques to open your chakras and clear subtle energy blocks. Also listened to a recording with Anthony Williams from the Hay House World Summit who said that being present in the moment at sunset helps to clear trust wounds so I have made watching the sun go down part of my daily activity. Listened to Doreen Virtue’s meditation for affluence and wealth in my alchemy bath.


Informed my husband that I was re-writing our soul contract for marriage. He thought I had been smoking something. But our souls have contracts and we can re-write them at any time if we want to. So our last 9 years has included a lot of struggle and lack so we decided to go into our 10th year with the energy of ease, joy and affluence, look out world, here we come.


Market day today, lots of fresh, organic soul enriching food. Home to cook up a heap of veggie delights for the week. Cleaned up our wellness area of our new home which includes a meditation room, gym, infrared sauna, and hydrotherapy spa. Tried some Funky Ganesh Dancing on Gaiam TV, definitely got my groove on then.


Cleaned the house whilst listening to Sade, saged the house as well. Relaxed in the sauna and spa. Listened to some more recordings, watched some more Hay House movies, had a nap and did some meditation under the stars.

Well, that was pretty much my week. My benefits included (but not limited to)

  • Overall feeling of joy and peace
  • Much more balanced and centered, Inspired insights and clarity for my work
  • More connected with God
  • Shed 1kg – Wasn’t trying to but it just released from my body
  • So much more relaxed
  • My body felt soft and I had lost that contraction between my shoulder blades
  • I felt excited to be getting back to work

Anyway, I am now going to make Soulcations a regular part of my annual plan. Now, this week, I am back to writing my book and regular blog posts. Looking forward to sharing all my insights and ah ha’s with you in future newsletters.

Until then, even if you can’t take a week off with your Soul, take a day or even an hour to do something soul enRiching. You wont regret it, trust me. Then I’d love it if you shared what you did and how if felt. Don’t forget it’s here where you can ask me any questions or just have a chat.

Take care for now,

Many Blessings,