Creating the Cloud Meditation


Karina’s Process

Ancient Alchemists practiced a form of meditation they called ‘The Creation of The Cloud’.

They imagined a milky white cloud forming around them and reaching 9 feet out in diameter.

What they were actually doing is magnetising that which is already present in space. They were amplifying an intense action of the light from within its own force field, thereby drawing upon the power of the universe to create a spiritual alter upon which they could project the pictures of reality that they desired to create.

Karina has transcribed this creation of the cloud process for the modern-day alchemists. By practicing this ancient meditation, we are raising our vibration, energetically becoming lighter. We are coming into resonance with that which we are desiring.

Cath’s process to create the music and artwork which accompanies the cloud was channeled in the moment with ease, joy and flow.

Cath’s Process


The music and art that accompanies the creating the cloud meditation was channeled through Cath’s Artful Alchemy process with the intent to support the vibrational essence of the meditative experience

The music has been intuitively composed based on specific notes that resonate the vibration of specific energy centres.

F…Heart – love, emotion – colour green
A…Third Eye – intuition, awareness – colour indigo
B…Crown – spirituality, wisdom, – colour purple
C…Root – grounding, trust, – colour red

These energy centers provide a supportive vibrational environment for creativity and manifestation.

A collection of sensations came through whilst composing that culminated into feelings of empowerment, love, creativity and faith and the words “it’s yours to create, feel it, be it, live it” were received.


The artwork includes colours that resonate with the same energy centres as the music and the overall intuitive essence that came through during the artwork was, to rejoice in the creative process as a heartfelt empowered being……Open up your heart and reach out to source with love intent and trust.

The words “Rejoice in your power to create” were received.



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