Mel C

Upon entering the Magic Cottage I had a little trepidation of the unknown. Instantly I felt a calmness and tranquility with the beautiful surrounds of the cottage. Karina's presence and energetic hands are reassuring, safe and secure. The session was an amazing experience, Karina transformed my energies, I feel lighter, more balanced, connected and grateful [...]

Lorraine M

From the moment I entered the room, I felt my being relax. The space Karina has created embodies peace and calm and is perfect for the journey of healing without words. I felt myself floating between different states of consciousness and with each breath surrendering effortlessly to the process. I left with my soul singing. [...]

Amanda G

By blending and using different modalities Karina was able to give me a total sense of calm. My whole nervous system settled so I had more clarity - and what she did balanced my energies so beautifully that I had access to more of ‘me’, who I was and my purpose. ~

Suzie C

My experience with Karina was ... peace-inspiring. From the moment I walked into her sacred domain for the healings, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. The entire time I was in Karina's hands, I felt supported and cared for. The mind-blowing component for me was that Karina downloaded the exact image I had [...]

Hayley M

How wonderful to have this time to focus on me. It was truly a unique experience which allowed me to totally relax, balance myself and soak up the energy of this beautiful space. Thank you. ~

Ian S.

Karina's amazing energy balancing session had me utterly relaxed in 90-minutes when it had previously taken 10 days at an international health resort. She also taught me a simple and practical way to balance and fire up my energy. Karina is an amazing healer with insights about my body and soul-purpose that defy logic - [...]