What is a 5D Entrepreneur and how does it contribute to your Affluence, Influence and Impact?

There is a new energy on earth now. The earth’s vibrational frequency or heartbeat is literally vibrating at a higher rate. Old ideas are no longer viable. There is a new navigation system required.

The 5th Dimensional Entrepreneur has tapped into the higher energies of affluence, influence and impact. They literally operate in a different consciousness. When you operate in 5D reality, you’re consciously aware that the spirit creates the physical.

So, what is the difference between 3D, 4D and 5D?

According to Elizabeth Peru, Astrologist and all-round cosmic goddess,

3D senses can detect length, width and depth – making matter possible

4D senses bring in the aspect of time – past, present and future are possible

5D senses bring in the aspect of spirit – creating conscious manifestation

The veil between this world and the spiritual realm is thinner, meaning that what we are intending to manifest can happen instantly. As you think, so you create, quickly.

We are heading towards 2020 and we will be moving into the Age of Aquarius. What this means is that planetary alignments happen in the constellation of Aquarius in late December 2020. This opens the gateway of a new age of spiritual integrity, independence and respect. You can read all about it on Elizabeth Peru’s blog.

What I am interested in is how this effects entrepreneurs. There will be a shift in identity consciousness. I believe that the 5D Entrepreneur will become an incubator for human spirit rather than just a producer of goods and services.

As we awaken to this new energy, meaning as we wake up, grow up, clean up and show up, we magnify our capacity to influence and impact others. Our reach expands globally. We are the light bearers of 2020 and beyond.

The 5D Entrepreneur operates from their heart. The heart thinks on a different wave length than the brain. When we lead with heart, we lead with soul and then our brain follows. We are dedicated to becoming more aware and compassionate human beings.

We have a yearning for higher human potential. We create and manifest at the level of self-actualisation. This in turn ignites a power deep within enabling us to lift up others. We are operating at a higher human potential and sourcing creativity from a deeper realm.

We are in a ‘Wake Up’ time. A time to realise what is possible. This feeling of greater energy and calling is like a magnet pulling us towards our purpose but at the same time disassembling all that no longer serves us.

If we are resisting what comes up for us in this process, we can experience frustration, pain, fear, opposition and all things in between.

As a 5D Entrepreneur, we feel the pull and we do the work required. We know that if we don’t, we will never satisfy that hunger. But today we do the work from a different platform. We source our creativity from a different dimension, not from the mind. And we rise up by having an inter-dependent relationship with the All.

There is an understanding that everything is Energy, our businesses are energy and by transmuting energy we can transform our mini empires. We become change agents and the work that we do in the world ignites greatness in ourselves and others.

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